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September 1, 2018, 7:33 AM

SharpRemarks September 1

September 1, 2018
Sarasota, Florida


This morning  as I read ""My Utmost for HIS Highest" by Oswald Chambers my thoughts turned to my understanding of Holy.  Isn't is interesting how our understanding of Christian and Religious words can  get skewered.  Oswalds thoughts on Holy turned me to self examination which no doubt was his intention.   

His use of 1 Peter 1.161 was a good choice because God makes it crystal clear.  Makes it difficult for folks to misunderstand what God is telling us.  I use WordSearch 12 in my studies so I pulled up the parallel  Bible feature to see what the translators did with this word Holy. I like the use of the word "be" in the translations rather then the choice of 'shall' by some.   I believe God's purpose for this statement is better expressed with "be"    Not only is it a direct communication of an instruction but the goal of my over all condition.   I am to be Holy.   It is the discription of my current relationship with God and the activities of my Life.  

Those of you who know me better than most know my understanding of Philippians 2.12.     Philippians 2.12  joins with Luke 9.23 and helps provide the internal push for my service and ministry as I strive to be more like the image  of God. (think creation)  To be Holy!

Oswald concludes today's devotion with this statement "Holiness is not simply what God gives me, but what God has given me that is being exhibited in my life."2

God's Grace has given me my spiritual salvation. Accepting that God has set me aside to a specific calling. (think Vocation)   Because of that I am expected to grow in Holiness and live and walk in the purpose that has been established for my life.

Grace and Blessings


1 Our 2019 January Bible Study will come from 1 Peter and be led by Dr. Roy Saint.
2My Utmost for His Highest: An Updated Edition in Today's Language. by Oswald Chambers  September 1


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