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July 2, 2015, 12:00 AM

SharpRemarks it's about time


I pray that all is well with you and yours. I pray for you daily.

As you are very much aware the Christian Community is like an ant hill that has been kicked.  My righteous response is "it's about time".  It is sad that it takes a moral issue like same sex marriages to energize the Church.  My prayer is that this energy will be properly directed to benefit the Kingdom and bring glory to God.

I know that many will say" Ho Hum"  and continue on as usual.  Many will run in frantic circles until they grow weary and wind down.  Some will focus their concerns into anger.  All of which do not profit the Kingdom.

Wiser sources than I are warning us of the coming attack on the Church.   I know we have been under pressure and attack in the past but we are being warned of a coming storm.   

There is no doubt we should respond.  How we respond is a matter of concern and we should earnestly seek the leadership of God and His Holy Spirit.   I submit to you a short list of things we should do that will focus us and direct us on the right path. 

1. Pray
2. Draw close to God
3. Consciously endeavor to radiate God's forgiveness and grace.
4. Build a Community of Biblical Faith and Strength.
5. Reach out to our surrounding community to invite them to join this Community of Faith.
6. Take necessary steps to  protect ourselves, our Church and our Ministry Resources both legally and physically.
7. Be proactive in the surrounding greater community.
8.  Keep informed and take advantage of current communication avenues.

I pray that you will join me in these efforts and others as we see the need.

Below are listed a couple of sources of information and comment that join the article I posted on our home page.  They are simply for your own information so you may remain informed.  I will continue from time to time to post relevant articles.

Please share your comments using the box at the end of this blog.

Praying for you, our Church and Our Nation.


You might also want to check Focus on The Family and  other Ministry websites that you regularly view and trust.

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