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May 4, 2015, 12:00 AM


May 4, 2015
Sarasota, Florida

I thank God for a good day yesterday.    Great weather for us to gather and worship. Great time of Worship and the evening Bible Study was as usual stimulating with strong discussion and imput from all.

 As friends and family make their way North our attendance is still strong. We will miss this special group of friends that we grow closer to each and every year.  We pray for safe journeys and a refreshing Summer.  Then just like citzens of old we start to look North waiting their safe return.

We are blessed with a unique bunch of "snowbirds"!  Unique in the sense that they get involved.  They become valuable contributors in every facet of our ministry.  I could take up considerable space listing their impact but I think I will just mention one.  The one that no doubt is the most desired by God, the Kingdom and this small church......Their faithfulness.  They are an example to all.

We took another step forward in our ministry at New Hope yesterday.   We elected five new Deacons.  It is exciting to see men step forward and say "yes Lord, use me."  Those elected will bring a wealth of Christian love and experience to help build the quality and the quanity of ministry we are striving for.

Our Deacon Servants are:

  • Gene (Rita) Bicknell
  • Levi (Joyce) Cox
  • Leland (Beth) Crawford
  • Bill (Janet) Crooks
  • Gary (Lorna) Putman
  • Jim (Lynne) Thomas
  • Carl (Mildred) Vanover

Pray for them as we organize for mnistry.  Pray that they will grasp and fulfill the New Testament doctrine of Servant Leaders.  Lift up their spouses as they have a new dimension added to their walk with the Lord.

Jennifer has delivered since my last blog.    Beautiful daughter Alexandra Love.   Finally we get a girl.  The boys have been great but we needed an addition to the gentler side. smiley

I am praying for a strong turn out both from our church family and the neighborhood community in support of National Day of Prayer on May 7th.  We will open the sanctuary from 10:00AM TO 7:00 PM.    Stop by.... join us in corporate prayer for a moment or for the day.  Our Nation needs a renewed relationship with God.  If you can't stop by take time from you day to pray for our Nation, Our President and elected officials, our troops, our first responders including most of all our military.  Military not just the troops in harms way but those leaders residing in the Pentagon and other safe havens behind the lines.

Pray that God reveals to our Nation the best way to cope with rising radical Islam.   Pray for the persecuted Church.   Pray for our missionaries who are under attack around the world.....yes, including here at home.

PRAY     PRAY      PRAY    PRAY     PRAY

Blessings and Regards,





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