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April 7, 2015, 3:00 PM


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South County Solve could use a mid size propane grill.   If you know of one or can help out let me know   941-685-4367

Easter this year was such a spiritual blessing.   I appreciate all the church family that lent a hand to make it so.  The Good Friday prayer service, work day Saturday, setting up and taking down for the outdoor sunrise service, all the special Music, the making of sausage gravy (yum) and handing out the special Easter Bags for outreach.   What a week end as we celebrated and serve our risen Christ.  I am so happy to be at New Hope.   Worshipping with my spiritual family is so energizing.   Serving and celebrating the Lord's Supper is an exciting part of my ministry.

This week on Friday we will baptize Kelly Carpenter before she launches out on the next phase of her journey through life.  This time she will be walking with the King of Kings by her side.   

Sunday we will join with Lorie and dedicate her son Caden to our God and that we committ with her to raise him in a God filled enviroment.   That he truly becomes a man of God.

Praying for God's peace in a broken world.


Bob Sharp






04-21-2015 at 9:35 AM
Russ Sterenberg
It was so uplifting to browse through the site and view all the facets of our Church. Thank you Pastor Bob for all you do.
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