March 19, 2021, 10:03 AM

Friday, 19 March, 2021 
Sarasota, Florida


Just a note to tell you that the printing problems I experienced Sunday seemed to be the fault of my laptop(me).   After about an hour of searching, reloading printer drivers, and every other action listed on help sites I began to look more closely at my settings in Word options.  

Recently I had changed one setting (clicked a little box. 😊) because of the multiple page documents I was creating.

That little box simply said print last page first.   I selected it to eliminate or guarantee the machine would collate the documents.   I unchecked it and now things seem to be working as they should be.  Probably a sermon in there but I won’t go there today. 

I will have the Pursuit of God handout for Session 8 Chapter 7 available Wednesday evening.  If you will not be attending Wednesday let me know and I can mail it to you.   Also, I will attempt to attach it to this post.  Using as the carrier to send these emails will be the first time I have attempted to include an attachment.  Let me know how it works.

Still working on live streaming sound. The feedback I am receiving is very encouraging except for the sound comments.

We had a great Worship time last Sunday.  Thank you to all of you that brought your praise and worship to the sanctuary.  Kudos to all who led in a worship role.  

I am hearing awesome reports regarding what is going on in the Crawford Class.  If you are not attending you are missing out.  The Explore The Bible is a great study guide.  Leland is leading the class to get as much out of it as can be accomplished in an hour.

Planning is in place to celebrate one of the holiest of Holy events in the history of the world.  Easter Sunday.  Plan to attend and bring a friend. (or two)  Be much in prayer for our ministry and its outreach.

              April 2nd at 6:00 PM Deacon Led Good Friday worship service in the Sanctuary

              April 4th at 7:00 AM Sunrise Service under the Oaks. “God’s Resurrecting Power Acts 13.16-41

              April 4th at 8:00 AM Traditional Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast In Fellowship Hall

              April 4th at 9:15 AM Crawford Class Explore the Bible “Resurrected”  Luke 24.1-12

              April 4th at 10.30 AM Easter Worship led by “Forgiven”   Cloid and Debbie Baker

                                     No evening meeting.


Be much in prayer for our Easter Celebration.  Be much in prayer for the guests you will invite.

We are in prayer for our Easter Annie Armstrong offering.   Pray that God lays it on your heart to help this North American ministry.

Thank you so much for your generous giving to Pregnancy Solutions Walk for Life.   $755.00 is the most we have given to this annual event.


Grace and Blessing


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