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April 24, 2018, 8:04 AM

SharpRemarks April 2018



I am excited about our church calendar.  For a "small" church we seem to keep busy.


One of our upcoming events has captured my focus.  Spiritual Gifts.  Probably the most misunderstood and abused of all scripture doctrine that relates to our Christian Walk.


I believe God  has called me to a disciplining ministry.  Over the years that has involved me in several roles for me to accomplish the task God has set before me.


For that endeavor God as endowed me with specific spiritual gifts.  You may question my effective use of those gifts, but I will affirm that their presence has embolded me to involve myself in the ministry opportunities that have been placed before me.


I am persuaded that without my belief and trust in those gifts I would have become a pew potato like so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ. Some have commented on my level of activity at my age but again I credit God's use of my life to that longevity.


Spiritual gifts are not some mystical hocus pocus but the result of our belief,trust and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and his promise of the indwelling presence of  God's Holy Spirit.


The presence of God‘s Holy Spirit is what empowers us to work in the kingdom. The Holy Spirit is invaluable and plays a role in our understanding, our inspiration, our motivation, our strength, and our perseverance.  Just as the Scriptures have informed us the Holy Spirit truly is our helper.  Our relationship with the Holy Spirit is spiritual and intentional.


It is incumbent upon us to do all that we can to understand our relationship and the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.


And for that very reason I’m very hopeful regarding the study We were about to embark upon “The Journey to Discovering and Using your Spiritual Gifts!” 






     Journey To

     Discovering And Using

     Your Spiritual Gift(s)!!




This 13-lesson study covers twenty spiritual gifts mentioned in the New Testament.  Lesson titles include:

  1. Five Questions About Spiritual Gifts,
  2. The Gifts of Service and Leadership,
  3. The Gifts of Giving and Mercy,
  4. The Gifts of Hospitality and Faith,
  5. The Gifts of Discernment and Singleness,
  6. The Gifts of Knowledge and Wisdom,
  7. The Gifts of Prophecy and Exhortation,
  8. The Gift of Pastor/Teacher,
  9. The Gifts of Apostle and Evangelist,
  10. The Gift of Miracles,
  11. The Gift of Healing,
  12. The Gift of Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues,
  13. and Discovering and Developing Your Gift.

This study concludes with a "Spiritual Gifts Profile and Inventory."

  • Workbook  $10.00 each
  • SUNDAYS AT 5:00 pm
  • Registration please:‘

       At Church:      Sign up sheet in vestibule

       By phone:       941-474-7647

           By Email:          

    Send Questions to:

    Everyone is invited.  
    • Open to the public 
    • Bring a neighbor/friend.
    • Bring your favorite Study Bible
    • Bring a commentary that you like.
    • Meet in Fellowship Hall around our new tables




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August 3, 2017, 7:34 AM

On my heart

ON Tuesday 8/1 I received a request to provide a one hour meeting for the Gardens of Venice on Wednesday 8/2 at 10:00 AM.

Eight people answered the call to provide ministry to resident of this facility.

Obviously their hearts were ready and on very short notice they prepared music, testimony and equipment.  Arrived before 9:30 and immediately began to visit and fellowship with the residents.  

God will use their efforts for the Kingdom

Thanks go out to:

  • James 
  • Sam
  • Glen
  • Dorothy
  • Suzette
  • Gregg
  • Scott
  • Pat

It was a joy to see Ministry and Discipleship.  

Pastor Bob

September 13, 2016, 9:00 AM

Bad Dogs and Door Hangers

We had a good morning yesterday as seven of us gathered to put out door hangers promoting our Back to Church Sunday in the neighborhoods we choose. We made some good contacts in addition to all the doors we saw. :-) Lots of houses out there. Ran on to two former church members who had moved out of town and have now returned. Had a good contact with a family that was from Virginia and never established a church here. Several of the folks we talked to that were out in their yards know our church because the home owner assoc. has it's two annual meetings in our Fellowship Hall. Friendly folks .............well all but one.......

One lady told me they didn't want what I was giving out and not to come on their driveway.. that they had a bad dog. Just then the dog came flying around the corner of the house and as I was telling my feet to run I saw the bright yellow tennis ball in his mouth. I guess his owner forgot to tell him it was his turn to be bad. He was a black lab that couldn't get any more friendly. Turns out his owner was the bad one in that partnership. :-) She growled a lot louder than the lab did.

Join us this Sunday (9/18/2016) at 11:00 AM as we gather to Worship God and Our risen Savior. After worship we will move to the fellowship hall and have a classic spaghetti lunch. Just like your salvation and grace from God it is free.

1 John 4:4

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September 5, 2016, 7:41 AM

Labor Day 2016

Greetings From Sarasota,

Realized it has been a while since the last post.  Blogging is an interesting activity.   I don't feel inclined to preach or share a Devotional like some.  And my life has become so focused that it seems it would be of little interest to you.   But here I am.  So I will share somethings today that you have done/or should be interested in.

Even with the impact of summer NHBC has very busy.   It is a joy to see God at work in people's life.  The up tick of ministry has been the most awesome.   Ministry to Englewood Elementary, the homeless, to Solve and to others in our community.  For the first time in my ministry the benevolence fund was used to the point of zero and we have to tap the budget account allocated as a back up for this ministry.  We have started to rebuild the benevolence reserve with a special offering following the Lord's Supper Sunday.  Just to answer your unspoken question.  We maintain the BF as a specific designated ministry fund separate from the general budget.   We have placed in the budget a benevolence account with a modest fall back sum should the community needs exceed the available designated funds.  This summer  we proved the process and it worked.   No one was denied and legitimate needs were met... no one turned away.  God is good! 

One prayer that has been answered is our organized Women's Ministry.  A genuine fledgling effort They hit the ground running and have not looked back.  The Sandwich Ministry to the homeless is a growing ministry with 585 produced  in August as they planned the process.......then  the first week of September saw 307 added to the tally.    The first painting class was a beautiful success.  You can see the photos on the M & M Ministry page.  The first specific ladies Bible Study subject has been selected and materials will be arriving in a few days.    Watch for the announced meeting info.    Pray for this Ministry.

The greatest blessing for me has been how the ladies have stepped up to the task, accepted specific leadership roles and joined Ministry Coordinator Sugar Sims in a true discipleship ministry.  Serving Others.    I encourage all the ladies to join in this effort and not just sit back to be ministered to but really join the work.   Bring a friend.  Pray for Sugar and her ministry team.

We have purchased the equipment, have selected the study and in the next couple of weeks will announce our first off campus Bible Study.  Be much in prayer for this ministry.

I hope you have noticed the subtle change in the maintenance of the church grounds.  Steve and Jane Capo who are providing this service have increased their performance.   They now mow from Englewood Road all the way to  the creek and from north to south property lines including the county right of way on the south next to Keyway.   They are removing the volunteer growth of weeds and palmettos at the base of the trees, removing the vines from the trees and as licensed herbicide applicators they are doing some specific applications to reduce vines and weeds.  They are mowing as an on call service.   We have no contract and they have not increased their fees to cover these add ons..  God is good!   If you see them on the grounds thank them.   Pray for them.

I am thankful God has placed me here to minister with you.

I am serving him by serving with you.

Bob Sharp

1 John 4:4



09-08-2016 at 7:44 PM
lynne thomas
love new look of the webpage and you are quite the writer!! You should write a book or a poem. PS. thank Cindy for her hard work too
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May 20, 2016, 5:31 AM

I am looking forward to May 22

I am looking forward to May 22, 2016.

 I want to thank the church for the months vacation that Pat and I received.  In eight years I was only out of the pulpit six times.    

It was difficult to relax in the sense of being on vacation.  But we managed somewhat.  I will do better next time :-)

Even though a week of that was back in Kansas to preform the service of Pat's Brother Duane.  

Then we managed some quality time at Lake Kissimmee State Park doing something we greatly enjoy.   Tent camping.   This time there were no canoes, no bikes , no kids.   Just some comfortable chairs and lots of books and a great camp site.  Lots of shade and privacy.  The weather was truly awesome.  Only some wind a couple of times racing through the taller pines.   Made for interesting sound effects.   Last time we were at this park.. gator season had just opened.   Airboats all night long .   Not this year thankfully.   Now I like airboats  ...just not at midnight.

I have on my Kindle a book by Will Mancini titled  Church Unique that I really wanted to read.   Mission accomplished.  Mixed into our time of reading and relaxing was a couple of walks, trips to get ice, climbing the  lookout tower, counting the Cardinals (not)   I have never seen such a concentration of  red birds.   Awesome.   And a couple trips to the camp store where WiFi was available. Our night time was interrupted a couple of times by some courting hoot owls and passing armadillos.  One time about midnight I was at the table on my computer and a panhandling raccoon crawled up on the table.   When I moved I saw a demonstration of just how high and how fast a coon can jump.  Never saw him again. I was able to photograph a flock of turkeys, several deer, Pat and a staring hoot owl.  All favorites.  Missed the raccoon and armadillo.

Pat and I prayed some.  Together and individually.   It was spiritually refreshing.   A renewal of purpose and vision.    I guess the vacation worked like intended.   Received an attitude adjustment regarding some things and some people.  Most which will remain between God and I.   God reassured me that if I do my work he will do his. He reminded me that my responsibility is to present the Gospel and doctrine truthfully and constantly.   The results are His.    I will only be held accountable for the  presentation .   The application is His.   When his Gospel and doctrine are rejected it is not my accountability that is on the line.

I am happy to serve at New Hope Baptist Church Englewood Florida

1 John 4:4

Bob Sharp




05-23-2016 at 6:59 PM
Vicki Dingler
Okay Pastor you have done it! You mentioned Sunday about you blog...Betty Purdy called me and asked, "what is a blog"? I should mention that Betty and her IPad are like mixing oil and water BUT I am going to do what I can so she can follow your blog **sigh**. I guess she wants you to have 26 blog followers? Welcome home Pastor Bob! LOL
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