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September 5, 2016, 7:41 AM

Labor Day 2016

Greetings From Sarasota,

Realized it has been a while since the last post.  Blogging is an interesting activity.   I don't feel inclined to preach or share a Devotional like some.  And my life has become so focused that it seems it would be of little interest to you.   But here I am.  So I will share somethings today that you have done/or should be interested in.

Even with the impact of summer NHBC has very busy.   It is a joy to see God at work in people's life.  The up tick of ministry has been the most awesome.   Ministry to Englewood Elementary, the homeless, to Solve and to others in our community.  For the first time in my ministry the benevolence fund was used to the point of zero and we have to tap the budget account allocated as a back up for this ministry.  We have started to rebuild the benevolence reserve with a special offering following the Lord's Supper Sunday.  Just to answer your unspoken question.  We maintain the BF as a specific designated ministry fund separate from the general budget.   We have placed in the budget a benevolence account with a modest fall back sum should the community needs exceed the available designated funds.  This summer  we proved the process and it worked.   No one was denied and legitimate needs were met... no one turned away.  God is good! 

One prayer that has been answered is our organized Women's Ministry.  A genuine fledgling effort They hit the ground running and have not looked back.  The Sandwich Ministry to the homeless is a growing ministry with 585 produced  in August as they planned the process.......then  the first week of September saw 307 added to the tally.    The first painting class was a beautiful success.  You can see the photos on the M & M Ministry page.  The first specific ladies Bible Study subject has been selected and materials will be arriving in a few days.    Watch for the announced meeting info.    Pray for this Ministry.

The greatest blessing for me has been how the ladies have stepped up to the task, accepted specific leadership roles and joined Ministry Coordinator Sugar Sims in a true discipleship ministry.  Serving Others.    I encourage all the ladies to join in this effort and not just sit back to be ministered to but really join the work.   Bring a friend.  Pray for Sugar and her ministry team.

We have purchased the equipment, have selected the study and in the next couple of weeks will announce our first off campus Bible Study.  Be much in prayer for this ministry.

I hope you have noticed the subtle change in the maintenance of the church grounds.  Steve and Jane Capo who are providing this service have increased their performance.   They now mow from Englewood Road all the way to  the creek and from north to south property lines including the county right of way on the south next to Keyway.   They are removing the volunteer growth of weeds and palmettos at the base of the trees, removing the vines from the trees and as licensed herbicide applicators they are doing some specific applications to reduce vines and weeds.  They are mowing as an on call service.   We have no contract and they have not increased their fees to cover these add ons..  God is good!   If you see them on the grounds thank them.   Pray for them.

I am thankful God has placed me here to minister with you.

I am serving him by serving with you.

Bob Sharp

1 John 4:4


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