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June 1, 2015, 8:29 AM

June 1 Sharp Remarks

June 1

May was the most amazing month for me. I' m undecided if to celebrate it or just give a great sigh of relief.

God speaks in the most amazing of ways.  I was honored to officiate three Memorials.  Blessed that all were believers.   One I observed intense family love and the remarkable impact he had on the lives of family, another was again great family love and deep faith.  Both of these were very traditional in theme and conduct.  I have, to me, important and fulfilling connections to the entire extended family.  And will continue to minister to them as long as I am allowed.  God is good!

The third funeral was entirely different.  Very casual. At a park on the  bay front.  Very diverse  crowd.   Mourners arrived in high end cars, pickups and motorcycles.  Rock and contemporary music was the theme.   Yet speakers all gave testimony to the deceased's impact on their lives including her faith.  A single Mom who loved her son and gave her all to provide for him and his future.  God is good!

God answered prayer in May when we were able to call Charlie Hahn and his wife Lawanna to lead our Music Program. Charlie is a long time friend reaching back to somewhere around 1979-1980.   Charlie and Lawanna will be great additions to our ministry at NHBC.    God is good.

I saw a host of our family who have northern residences "head out".  Happy for them to be returning to their roots,yet sad that they will be out of our presence.  But we have the hope of their return this fall and memories of their faithfulness and support of our work to sustain over the summer months.  God is good.

May is graduation time.   I was blessed to attend three commencement exercises.  990 graduates received their diploma and a simultaneous launch into the real world. I was blessed to have two granddaughters and one from our church at these three ceremonies.  All primed and eager to start the next leg of their journey.  All continuing their educational sojourn. All are believers and seek God's guidance.  God is good.

May contained days of my greatest spiritual challenge.  God's word was proved to me in both the positive sense and the negative view.  I believe that I am stronger in the ministry and have greater faith and trust in God.   God is good.

God is opening doors for ministry  for New Hope and for myself.  I pray daily for his revelation and guidance.   I approach each door with enthusiasm and curiosity.  Seeking God's presence and direction.  God has entrusted us with great opportunity and with a corresponding responsibility.    I pray that we are found adequate and faithful.  Each day and each encounter grows my understanding and view of the New Testament church and the body of believers that constitute that fellowship.  God is good.

I am so happy to be at NHBC!

Serving Him
Serving You.


Bob Sharp










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