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May 20, 2016, 5:31 AM

I am looking forward to May 22

I am looking forward to May 22, 2016.

 I want to thank the church for the months vacation that Pat and I received.  In eight years I was only out of the pulpit six times.    

It was difficult to relax in the sense of being on vacation.  But we managed somewhat.  I will do better next time :-)

Even though a week of that was back in Kansas to preform the service of Pat's Brother Duane.  

Then we managed some quality time at Lake Kissimmee State Park doing something we greatly enjoy.   Tent camping.   This time there were no canoes, no bikes , no kids.   Just some comfortable chairs and lots of books and a great camp site.  Lots of shade and privacy.  The weather was truly awesome.  Only some wind a couple of times racing through the taller pines.   Made for interesting sound effects.   Last time we were at this park.. gator season had just opened.   Airboats all night long .   Not this year thankfully.   Now I like airboats  ...just not at midnight.

I have on my Kindle a book by Will Mancini titled  Church Unique that I really wanted to read.   Mission accomplished.  Mixed into our time of reading and relaxing was a couple of walks, trips to get ice, climbing the  lookout tower, counting the Cardinals (not)   I have never seen such a concentration of  red birds.   Awesome.   And a couple trips to the camp store where WiFi was available. Our night time was interrupted a couple of times by some courting hoot owls and passing armadillos.  One time about midnight I was at the table on my computer and a panhandling raccoon crawled up on the table.   When I moved I saw a demonstration of just how high and how fast a coon can jump.  Never saw him again. I was able to photograph a flock of turkeys, several deer, Pat and a staring hoot owl.  All favorites.  Missed the raccoon and armadillo.

Pat and I prayed some.  Together and individually.   It was spiritually refreshing.   A renewal of purpose and vision.    I guess the vacation worked like intended.   Received an attitude adjustment regarding some things and some people.  Most which will remain between God and I.   God reassured me that if I do my work he will do his. He reminded me that my responsibility is to present the Gospel and doctrine truthfully and constantly.   The results are His.    I will only be held accountable for the  presentation .   The application is His.   When his Gospel and doctrine are rejected it is not my accountability that is on the line.

I am happy to serve at New Hope Baptist Church Englewood Florida

1 John 4:4

Bob Sharp




05-23-2016 at 6:59 PM
Vicki Dingler
Okay Pastor you have done it! You mentioned Sunday about you blog...Betty Purdy called me and asked, "what is a blog"? I should mention that Betty and her IPad are like mixing oil and water BUT I am going to do what I can so she can follow your blog **sigh**. I guess she wants you to have 26 blog followers? Welcome home Pastor Bob! LOL
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