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September 13, 2016, 9:00 AM

Bad Dogs and Door Hangers

We had a good morning yesterday as seven of us gathered to put out door hangers promoting our Back to Church Sunday in the neighborhoods we choose. We made some good contacts in addition to all the doors we saw. :-) Lots of houses out there. Ran on to two former church members who had moved out of town and have now returned. Had a good contact with a family that was from Virginia and never established a church here. Several of the folks we talked to that were out in their yards know our church because the home owner assoc. has it's two annual meetings in our Fellowship Hall. Friendly folks .............well all but one.......

One lady told me they didn't want what I was giving out and not to come on their driveway.. that they had a bad dog. Just then the dog came flying around the corner of the house and as I was telling my feet to run I saw the bright yellow tennis ball in his mouth. I guess his owner forgot to tell him it was his turn to be bad. He was a black lab that couldn't get any more friendly. Turns out his owner was the bad one in that partnership. :-) She growled a lot louder than the lab did.

Join us this Sunday (9/18/2016) at 11:00 AM as we gather to Worship God and Our risen Savior. After worship we will move to the fellowship hall and have a classic spaghetti lunch. Just like your salvation and grace from God it is free.

1 John 4:4


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